Who said I didn’t follow the Sketchdule???

My First Sketch and Doodles

My First Sketch

My first attempt to create a piece of work for the blog. I’ve been too busy for the last few days, sorry for the delay. Anyway I will post the other part of this next week. The whole sketch is way too big for the web-cam to capture, so I just took part of it. Don’t worry, you will get a piece or two sketch(es) next week. It depends on me mood, yah? OK, never mind, two sketches. But it’s not like I’m Super Hands with a hundred hands and Super Duper Eyes with uncountable eyes and a big head with thousands of brains. But if i do have, you are stuck with a monster. A sketcher monster, that is. Bye for now šŸ˜‰

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