Is drawing important?

Some of you out there might have experienced problems about drawing things. Me too. That’s why I  like sketching and doodling better. But drawing is also an important piece of work in our lives, and without it, there is no such things as architecture, no such things as interior designing and more. Buildings will all be like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  And there will be no such things as Mona Lisa and Starry Night.
Don’t worry much when you are like, 10 years old or something. You still have some more time to improve your drawing. Some of you might say, “My drawing is already good. There’s no need to improve it.” Well, if it’s really good. But if it’s not, try to improve. Even if you can draw 3D or even 10D (L0L), you can still improve.
Even Sketches and Doodles is an important piece of work for us. Even if it’s nonsense, well, you know! It can keep you to die from boredom. So come on in to the KINGDOM of Sketches and Doodles!
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