Should’ve Said NO!!!

I know. This is one of the title of Taylor Swift’s songs. But I love it so much, I am trying to draw something out of it. Yeah, anyway, I will put something out of topic today. I will put my Favorite Songs List here. Right now. Just argue, agree, disagree or agree to disagree or even e-mail me to complain why it isn’t a doodle and sketch topic. (Don’t try the last option, please.) Anyway, here is my:

Favorite Songs List (top 10)
1. I’m Only Me When I’m With You by Taylor Swift
2. Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift/Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift
3. Falling For You by Colbie Caillat
4. A Place in This World by Taylor Swift
5. Our Song by Taylor Swift
6. Fearless by TS
7.  Love Story by TS
8. I’d Lie by TS/ Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) by TS
9. Tied Together With A Smile by TS
10. Today Was A Fairytale by TS

Yes, I know. I guess you should have known now that I really love Taylor Swift and her songs. And I am her fan. Well, probably not the biggest fan, or #1, but maybe I am in the #6 range. L0L. Anyway, I guess I will munch now. Bye for now! 🙂